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Cole asked 2 weeks ago

Using divi builder for a client and wanted to use this plugin for an add to cart button on the divi shop page. It isn’t working. Tried all kinds of custom css and thought this would work a lot easier. Only to find out it doesn’t work.

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N. M. Uzzal Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Cole,

​Sorry for the inconvenience.

​​I have checked that the Divi theme does not provide the ‘Add to Cart’ button in the ‘Shop/Category’ page. If you check it by deactivating the plugin, you won’t find any ‘Add to Cart’ button on that page.

​Actually, the plugin works with the default ‘Add to Cart’ button. As there is no default button, the plugin can’t show the ‘Add to Cart’ button there.

​If you check the button in product’s single page, you will find that the plugin is working there.

​To show the ‘Add to Cart’ on the Shop page of Divi theme, we have to write some code for it. We will fix it in the next version surely.

​Best Regards,